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Bored? Just some suggestions by me

Hello there anyone who sees this. I hope you’re feeling well today and enjoying the intermittent sunshine. I have some suggestions of podcasts to have a listen to, and somethings to read if you are going a bit ‘Cabin Fever’-esque, like those mice on Muppet Treasure Island (has anyone seen that film? It’s a family favourite growing up in my household, we used to be able to quote it!)
Anyway, I’ll get to it. Podcasts, 1) Rate My Bop, is a funny, sweet podcast by my brother and his best friend Becky, they both live in Portsmouth, and review music and have a chat, and each episode is less than half hour. 2) Road Less Travelled, with Reggie Yates interviewing some big celebrities and actors. 3) Sibling Revelry with Kate and Oliver Hudson, Goldie Hawn’s kids, and they interview other celebrity siblings, and have some really fun and lively chats, as well as interviewing doctors, and talking about sibling relationships and our insecurities from childhood and how they come about. 4) Work in Progress with Sophia Bush. She interviews celebrities, doctors, authors and political candidates for State etc, and has some really in-depth chats and really asks a lot of insightful questions. 5) The Goal Digger Podcast, this lady is really useful in giving advice, business tips, marketing tools etc, she chats to some interesting people and this podcast has taught me a lot!

OK, I’ve written a book, which I’m loading on to wattpad, a free reading app, and it’s about my journey, and was written over a two year period. It’s not pretty, I’ve had a rough road and the NHS hasn’t been kind to me in some ways, but I’ve written an honest account and it covers some really important topics such as; safety, meditation, what to do with all the time when you are stuck waiting, how to stay motivated, dating, spooky happenings, some really funny and weird stuff and how I did something very Erin Brokovich style, and what happened next. It might make you laugh out loud. it might make you cry. (I did plenty of that!) But hopefully some of you will be able to relate, and for those of you who have nobody, I want you to know that I’m here! I wrote this for you. I hope it makes you feel a little less alone, and I hope you can relate to what I went through, how I felt, maybe your humour is a lot like mine and you can see the funny in the tragic moments. Because lets face it- if you can’t laugh then there’s no hope! Find it here;

And let me know what you think.

I’ve been getting out for long walks, alone, but taking pictures of some beautiful things I’ve seen which I’ve put on my IG account; @cas31842018. So if anyone’s been stuck inside, have a look, and connect to a bit of nature.

I’m looking forward to engaging on here with folks, and let me know what you’re listening to, what you’ve been up to whilst we’ve been on this imposed lock down. Hope everyone’s keeping safe and still smiling! 🙂


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4 months ago

Thanks @cas84 now I’ve got the cabin fever song stuck in my head! 😂😂😂

4 months ago

Ha ha…It’s such a funny movie, I loved it as kid, and still watch it. My whole family does. And the roll call bit, ‘Old Tom, Older Tom, Dead Tom’….later when they cry over Dead Tom being dead…My youngest brother is called Tom, so that always made us crack up. 🙂

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