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Always relapsing no remmition …

My name is Ana. I was diagnosed with MS relapsing remmiting type in 2015. The onset of my MS started in 2011 but I didn’t know it.
I was diagnosed first with severe Anxiety/Depressive disorder with Panic attacks. I am in constant nerve pain, numbness, spascisity and other symptoms. The evenings are the worst.
I am on Tecfidera for MS. Several medications have been prescribed for pain none of them have been effective.

Is it possible to be always relapsing? Since its on set I have never been with out burning pain and numbness.

My other question is does Spascisity affect the bowel and bladder functions? I am very often constipated and urination is frequent and out of control especially at night.

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1 month ago

Hi and welcome to the club…
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Welcome again πŸ˜„

1 month ago

Hi im not sure if you can always be relapsing but I have noticed that when i get tighting around my stomach (spasticity) I have problems with my bowels, i take cannabis at night for the pain with a vaporizer other wise i can’t sleep have you tryed cbd oil? I don’t take any drugs! because I’m really sensitive to prescription drugs, hope you get your pain sorted out soon it’s awful when you can’t sleep at night

1 month ago

@apop , Hi Ana, given what you’ve said, MS without Remission points to a progressive variant of MS, possibly Primary Progressive MS (PPMS). Your Neuro should be able to clarify.

But here are some details for you to review :-

Burning pain and numbness are neuropathic symptoms and need to be addressed with specific medication, not normal painkillers. This article explains the type of pain and their treatments :-

You should try and speak to a Continence Specialist about your bowel and bladder issues.

1 month ago

Hi @Ana as Stumbler says it points more to PPMS as it’s progressive with no remissons, just lots of πŸ’©. Neurologist should be able help better though

1 month ago

Hello @apop and welcome. Firstly, when do you last see your neuro? As has been said above, if it is not RRMS, then Tecfidera is not the right DMD to be on. However, I too was diagnosed with RRMS in 2017 and am also on Tecfidera. Since Day 1 I have not felt that there is NOTHING remitting about my condition, it is relentless. However, my neuro is very experienced and always said ‘If you have a relapse, you will know about it.’ The symptoms I had in my first incident never went away, except for the severe fatigue, so I must believe what I am told. Although I remain limited, I haven’t had any further lesions which is good. I am left to believe that my initial relapse/lesions must have been substantially severe, and caused the damage that I continue to feel every day. Does that make sense? I hope you can get some reassurance soon, do keep us posted! x

1 month ago

Vixen I think you are right. So I have to convey this to my Neurologist. I am seeing him this coming Friday August 7th.

Thank you for your response.

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