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National MS awareness tour.

Hiya hope you are all as well as can be. I had to pull out of my studies due to escalation of treatment, I thought of spreading awareness of ms by doing presentations throughout England. I had contacted the MS society but they were worried about finance issues. I contacted my old college and they were open to me doing a third one there but open to the public this time. I wanted to ask you guys for help, if anybody can get venues or anything as such to try and get the message across to the public to let them know what Multiple Sclerosis truly is and try wipe away the ignorance associated with it. Look forward to your replies. Thanks

You need to come up with a PLAN! what are you gonna offer that the MS society, local branches, health care professionals and the internet does not?? How will you publicise? How about starting local first and contacting the WI, local churches (they often run lunch clubs and need speakers) and various community organisations. See how that goes and then plan for world domination. Not being critical, just bouncing some ideas for you to think about.


@zak492 just an idea, they are a caring charitable group that always have regular speakers I am sure they would welcome you, good luck