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A colleague, who has been taking kefir daily, is positively glowing with health and recommending its use. I have become increasingly conscious of diet, and try to pay at least lip-service to the OMS diet. Does anyone have experience of taking it, and are there any negative effects associated with multiple sclerosis?

@wjgregg , at one time, Aimspro, a drug derived from goat's serum was hailed as the great MS treatment. Alas, it was over-hyped and ceases to be mentioned these days. So, I'm a bit dubious about Kefir. But, diet generally, whilst not proven to improve MS, can improve overall health, which can only be good for overall MS management.


What is the kefir made from? The one made from cows milk is dairy and many reports have said dairy is bad for ms. I buy coconut kefir and have that - It is supposed to be good for the gut