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Cannabis is a neuroprotectant

Here's a question: If cannabis is a neuroprotectant agent, why are neurologists not prescribing it immediately to all patients? Don't believe me? Step out of the twilight zone and see for yourself https://www.google.ca/patents/US6630507 *I am not a doctor and you should consult a professional physician if experimenting with any medication, including cannabis. Not every medication is for everybody. Furthermore cannabis is still illegal in many countries (interesting time in history as we will go down as 'the humans that banned a plant'), if you acquire cannabis, it should be done through a licensed producer that tests for quality and through a registered doctor (not Dr.Dre).



I believe it would be a benefit against the symptoms of ms, but it's just to much hassle to get, you gotta go dr to get approved which you may not depending on what dmd your on, geez it's just a plant lol



Agreed! The hassle turns off many potential patients. The world is changing fast though. People are waking up at an exponential rate right now. Also I originally thought it was only good for symptoms, but science is showing deeper benefit, such as being an antibiotic and a neuroprotectant. www.wahlswarriorrants.blogspot.com



I have been taking CBD oil (non-psychoactive cannabidiol extract) for about 2 months. I buy mine from a licensed company called https://cbdbrothers.com/shop/ . I would not buy from any other source because their products are regulated to very best standards and are lab tested. It is legal here in the UK and I have informed my GP and all the other doctors I have dealings with. It is all documented in my GP medical records and hospital patient notes. I'm a medic myself and quite frankly, it's no longer even an open secret that CBD is effective and safe and should be widely available on the NHS. It is available and since the advisory groups published this pdf, more progress is being made in the UK http://ntag.nhs.uk/docs/app/NTAG%20Appraisal%20Report%20Sativex%20for%20non%20MS%20%20Pain.pdf I buy 100mls of CBD: 10mls - 200mg >25% for £130. I'm about 1/5 through the bottle. It has certainly reduced my tremors and given me a bit more energy. The relief it gives me justifies the small expense. I would not be without it. Since December, I've been feeling pretty incapacitated impaired to the extent that I have given up clinical practice as a midwife and am perhaps wrongly thinking I can do an MSc in nutrition (full time - am I crazy?). I'm awaiting a lumbar puncture and MRIs and am in limbo doing the rounds from department to department in 2 hospitals. I've recently had colorectal surgery, in fact I have almost every Crohn's disease (autoimmune) you can shake a stick at, along with an even longer list of neurological markers suggesting MS. CBD has meant I have been able to discontinue taking 2 antispasmodics and put to rest thoughts of last resort benzos and opiates. I take autoimmune, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic herbs, D3, niacin, citricidal, borax (like boron, but minus the oxygen and sulphur), eat 98% organic, drink 3+ litres of spring water a day and do yoga. I feel like shit most of the time, but am sure I would feel a whole lot worse without these things. Strangely, my CRP results are always normal and I cannot think why other than maybe my supplements could be skewing findings. CBD Brothers will send you free samples if you wish. Well worth a try :-)