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Long term numbness

Hi everyone! First post: I was diagnosed in October 2020 when I went numb from the neck down, took months and months but I finally got feeling back a lot of places. It’s been around 15 months and my hand is still numb and it effects my schooling. Has anyone has numbness for this long that went away? And nerve regeneration advice if it is not too late? Hope you are all doing well 💕

I have heard that it can take one year to the body to recover from a flare. After the year, there is a big possibility that the symptôms will stay. Wish you the best


Hi my major symptom when I was diagnosed was both my feet were totally numb. I could still walk but they were so numb I wouldn’t have felt it if I stood on anything. Any that was over two years ago and it took ages (6 months plus) to any improvement. They are now so much better than they were- one foot more or less back to normal and one foot with some residual numbness but not too bad. I do notice if I am unwell/tired the foot that never recovered as well will flare up again but then improve again. So in my case definite improvement but it was a slow process but it did happen.