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Women MSers - what are your unmet needs? 🤔

In anticipation of our brand new Women & MS video series (launching later in the autumn. Watch. This. Space), we’re taking the needs of female MSers directly to healthcare professionals next month at ECTRIMS, Europe’s biggest MS conference. We’ve already had an amazing response to two previous Women & MS polls, but this time we’re asking your opinion on, and experience of, unmet needs specifically. Your response can help shape the discussion about how women’s health and MS should/should not be treated as independent of one another. Please take 30 seconds to answer the poll below and if you can, elaborate on your experience in the comments. If we’ve missed anything out from our shortlist, tell us about it below 👇

What is the biggest unmet need for women with MS in 2023?

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Answer: Other. Specifically the impact of menopause on MS and if HRT can counteract the possible effect of the reduction in oestrogen levels. Seems like a no-brainer given that the ‘advantage’ women have over men in prognosis / disability progression after 55 reduces, likely due to menopause?


Because I have no new lesions or active old lesions, neuro says there are really no meds to treat MS that is not "active", yet my SPMS fatigue & other symptoms continue with no end in sight, or any help from my medical staff. Now, my neuro is moving to Hawaii & feel like I've been left alone in the dust. Beyond frustrating.