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📽️ Womanhood episode 3: MS & periods 🩸

Do your MS symptoms get worse around your period? You’re not crazy! Many menstruating MSers experience this. In episode 3, Emma, Roxy, Katt, Shereena and Evie lift the lid on the physical and emotional reality of juggling MS, periods, and everyday life. Periods impact the lives of most women; it shouldn’t be an embarrassing topic to discuss. If you need support managing MS & periods, speak to your care team. Share your stories in the comments. Periods, contraception, treatments; we want to hear from you 👇 https://youtu.be/CyBh9ZTZS3k

I was on the depo-provera (contraceptive injection) for a few years before I got diagnosed, and then a few years after I tried with the implant. Didn't want to continue with the implant because I would bleed, like a period, for a few days after I had sex with my then boyfriend, so I went back to the depo. Then, I wanted to come off it because me and boyfriend got a house together and we wanted a baby. Since then, I've gotten worse. I had to stop working. It's not safe for me to even have a child, because of all the meds I'd have to come off. I went on ocrevus in 2021, after copaxone didn't work for me. Me and boyfriend got married in May this year (2023). We've agreed to look into fostering/adopting an older child, because we know that they won't need my help all of the time. The period panties are a bit of a messy affair. I remember using them when I was on my period back when I attempted to go back to work, and I had leaked onto the office chair! That was embarrassing... So now, I'm happy to just sit on the toilet as I do my pads. I'm Charlotte Hargreaves-Wright, 29, and clinically definite diagnosid in 2015 a few weeks before my 20th birthday. I've been on copaxone, tysabri, back to copaxone because I'm JCV positive, ocrevus, and now kesimpta. MS and epilepsy sucks, especially when Drs don't know the interactions between drugs!


My period always flared my symptoms up!! So I asked my doctor about stopping them safely, and he said I could but "didn't know if it would help or not"... but we had agreed that the hormone fluctuations mess with MS and therefore... stopping your period HAS to help? I'm not looking to ever have my own children, so stopping it doesn't worry me much. I've started the nuvaring this year, and it is a game changer. I feel so much more free, physically, and while I've started more medications that have definitely helped, I think not having my period plays a big factor into my pain levels and cog fog.