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Being Diagnosed With MS Makes You F****** Angry! | Me, MySelf & I

“I didn’t want to believe it was true when I was so fit and healthy!” This week's episode is with the amazing @Tialgoss who shares how MS made her feel completely angry. Has your MS diagnosis made you feel angry in your MS journey? Let us know in the comments 👇 https://youtu.be/ty3pnRhAXk0

I'm happy I had my mum there when I was told my diagnosis (CI symptoms). I think it was more because she wanted to be there for me in case it was CADASIL I have (thankfully not), and so she could stop worrying about whether she had passed on a dodgy NOTCH3 gene ❤️ the only thing with my 1st symptom was that it's not usually found in MS patients! I'd attempted to get a nursing degree, started the course a couple of weeks after, whilst continuing my weekend/holidays job at kfc. I started feeling a progression in symptoms in 2018, when I quit kfc. Long story, but the store manager was a lazy so-and-so and he kept on forgetting why I couldn't work close-opens 😫 at least my partner, who I met in uni in 2015, is equally as angry at him. He's also been by my side, even after I got the clinically definite MS diagnosis a few months after we met! We've bought a house, and we're getting married in May, 8 years after we started dating! Still can't remember the movie we watched on our first date, but I enjoyed the drinks at 'spoons after 🤣


@CharlotteW94 I was so relieved at first, and I became temporarily depressed after quitting work, worried about bills and stuff. Now, I'm back to my normal, day to day mood. Still p'd off that I can't get to work, because I can't get my electric wheelchair in, and out, of the house by myself, and the train station across the street doesn't have a lift! 🤬 so I can't really go to the city centre by myself, I have to go on weekends when he's donating plasma 😕