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Treatment for MS

Hi guys, i am right now taking treatment for MS in India (Ayush Prana) in a specialized center for Multiple Sclerosis. If I can talk from my own experience I personally must say that it is really very effective. Not only for me but other patients around me are improving also. We all suffer from different symptoms and it is so beautiful to see that it is possible to get better. There are many bugarian patients here and they told me that one former patient from this country got treated by this doctor and she told every one about it. Now I also want all my friends all over the world to consider this treatment and beat this disease together. He treats only MS or other neurological disorders. I am enjoying my treatment and also the company of my new MS friends from different countries.

@sharanjitkaur , I have added this weblink regarding this "naturopathic treatment", so that Forum members can see about the treatment and make their own judgements. http://www.msayurveda.com/


Hello @sharanjitkaur I will have a read through it later. I have a huge interest in Ayurveda even though I am taking Tecfidera for MS My daughter has an autoimmune disease affecting her blood (platelets). When she was diagnosed 10 years ago, we went through three London hospitals to try to find medication effective for her. I can honestly tell you that the only time she has ever experienced an overnight raise in her platelet levels without undergoing an infusion, was after seeing an Ayurvedic doctor in London. It was incredible, pushing her levels into double-figures where the most recently patented medication didn't make it rise at all. Ayurveda is not for everyone, particularly as you really need to 'buy' into the ethos and advanced thinking behind it. I feel that it's a commitment, not just a quick-fix. But I've had personal experience too of pulse diagnosis through Ayurveda, and it reached a diagnosis that GPS could not establish with a previous condition. Thanks for reawakening my attention! :-)