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Dizzy and "Spaced out" feeling

Agh! I am feeling so dizzy and spaced out this morning! I'm trying to work and it's so hard! Have any of you felt like spacing out right in the middle of a conversation?! Is this even a symptom of MS?? More importantly - how have you all made these symptoms better or easier to deal with? At this point without a DX, I cannot even begin to make changes in my life (ie - take an afternoon nap). I don't even think taking naps help this feeling. Sorry - I'm just feeling a little frustrated right now... Thanks for listening!

You're definitely not alone on this one. Fatigue can cause the body and senses to "lose touch with reality". You could just be tired or there may be environmental triggers, e.g. hot weather. I note that you are not yet diagnosed, although residing in Limboland can be extremely stressful, which only adds to the potent mix of symptoms. You can't do much until you have a definite diagnosis, so you just need to accept that your body is playing up. Don't beat yourself up about this, as it's not your fault, but do try and take things easy. Hope this helps.


Yep i think as others have said it's rest, and as much as possible. If you're similar to me then a long night or busy period really takes it out of me.....oh booze too!! I went for a meal sunday and drank too much and i'm only now beginning to feel normal. Luckily work are fairly good with me and allow me to take it easy. Of course didn't tell them i drank too much...that'd be silly!!!!