Post 2 There is a lotto learn 12 APR 2021

Dear ms family. That is "YOU", in case it was not obvious. "YOU" can handle this life long Incurable illness. Have faith 0in yourself, have belief in yourself. "YOU" can do this. Firstly look at the various Disease-Modifying Therapies (DMT) They all have side effects, most involve needles. Very sad but a fact of our disease. Take the strongest that is legally available, (Ocrevus I believe) Take it religiously, take it as prescribed no excuses. I believe the infusion does have added to it some anti-histamine. Remember it is not a cure, there is NO cure. we all have this for life, make what "YOU" do have the best life that it can possibly be. There will be hiccups setbacks and "YOU" will make mistakes. We all do, I did. The aim is to get through them as a little damaged as "YOU" can. Accept that damage will occur despite your best efforts, that is the nature of our illness. YOu can survive and live with this condition. "YOU" are not over, today, tomorrow or the next day. Royce ( your ms writer and Brother) Tears are allowed