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Stressed and confused

Hi there I'm Richard 34 and seeking some help I have been having issues with numb hands pins and needles and aching back and knees I'm getting very fatigued and snappy.. Went to docs last year as started getting bald patches ran the bloods and had no vitamin d at all put me on the supplements hair came back but still getting the pains ect. Problem is it keeps coming and going by then time I get in for my 10 minute appointment I feel and look fine. Doctors have said I need to see a neurologist but won't see me until I have more blood work done. Woke up yesterday feeling fine went to bathroom and out of no where excruciating pain in chest left side and back. It was so bad I called an ambulance which for me is something once went to work with a broken ankle. Got to a and e the doctor felt my stomach said I shouldn't have called an ambulance I have just pulled a muscle. I felt so belittled up to now I have never abused the doctors or been into a and e. Called my doctors when I got home and he said I'm not sure what you want me to do right now :( I'm much better today and back at work slight pain but otherwise OK. If it was a pulled muscle as bad as it was yesterday I would still be bad used to play rugby and know how that feels. Has anyone got any suggestions on who I can speak to as this is becoming a real issue for me just feel like no one understands what I'm going through and they think I'm some hypercondriact :( Sorry bit of a rant but just so down Kind regards Richard