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Heart palpitations

For the last 5 or 6 days I've been getting fluttery heart palpitations and extreme fatigue. I went up to A&E the other night as I felt very light headed too. All my bloods and ECG were normal as far as they could see. They said to go to see my GP for a cardiology referral to have a 24 hour tape (?) done. So I only mentioned this to my mum last night and she's just rung me to say I should ring my nurse and update her as apparently there is a link with MS and palpitations. To be honest I never EVER thought this could have anything to do with the MonSter and just chalked it up to my crap body failing me again (and no one believing me) Has anyone else had problems with palpitations coupled with extreme fatigue?

Yeah, but I have high blood pressure which is medicated, so it may be nothing to do with the ms.


I suffer from palpitations, but I take Amytryptilline for pain and it enables me to sleep. I did read the other day that high doses of this tablet has been known to do this. So have reduced the dosage! Don't forget that anxiety and stess can cause palpitations, if this was me I would just see my GP and have my blood pressure taken for assurance. Extreme fatigue has always been the bain in life, hey am56 and still here! Feel like I've ru a marathon with no benefits!! lolz