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Hi All, A number of my posts have highlighted my continual weight loss. After many tests it appears that it is due to anxiety. I guess I’d overlooked this, but now I tend to wake up at 4am, the MS nurse feels it is anxiety. Having grown up with two alcoholics, albeit very loving, I’ve possibly always had some anxiety (and able to suppress my emotions). However, it appears to have come to a head. Anyway, they have suggested some meds for this, but I’m trying to avoid this in the first instance. I have started taking 5-HTP and a little exercise. My diet is also very good. Is there anything else I can do? The anxiety is getting better, but I still get embarrassed easily (which didn’t happen before), and I worry about larger meetings at work. Are anti-depressants the only way? As ever, your thoughts and experiences are most welcomed. Ollie