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Job change

So, I did it. Next week is my last week as a preschool teacher. I will be starting at a part time gig “floating” in a childcare center in December, which means giving lunch breaks to teachers and doing the art/dishes wash up. This will definitely eliminate several stressors: commute time, long work days, taking extra work home (teachers always work at home unpaid), and less responsibility in general. This is not what I had expected this year or for next year or for the next ten years. I just completed my masters degree in early Ed. Rephrasing all this, I could potentially use the extra time to discover an alternative direction writing or blogging or teaching adults. I will definitely have the time and energy to funnel towards what I need to do daily; exercise and stretch. I have my next mental health in mid December, but needed to get this all off my chest to you all. Thank you for listening. I have to remember that I don’t hate my life, i hate the situation, and I can change things like where I work Nd what my work is for me.



Good for you taking a step for YOU. Sounds like you had good reasons for make the change and that it could open some doors as you close others. Recognizing that your skill is broader than "preschool teaching" is certainly true. Being able to work with the young is something that not everyone can do and teaching is another strong skill with many applications that can be taken so many different directions. I know some teachers with some practical experience that have become great authors or even working with computerized learning. Good luck in this new venture! ;-)



Ur leaving education, I've decided to start a degree to get into teaching, kinda decided MS can kiss my sweet behind 😉!



Much thanks for reading and responding. Good to go into the weekend with that load off my back.