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Nerve pain on jaw line. Dealing with stress of bereavement

Hi I have been experiencing electrical pain long my jaw, which I think might be Trigeminal neuralgia but perhaps caused by MS? It has arrived as a new symptom since the sudden loss of my husband last week. A. Wanted to know if anybody else had this and had any good solutions for dealing with it. B. Also as this symptom has been triggered by stress from the sudden loss of my husband , I wanted to know if other people have been through such similar stressful situations and had found ways of minimising the impact on their MS? Cheers C

The more stressed I get the more pain I have and the more symptoms present. I understand!


Firstly, I'm so sorry for your loss @mser79 and secondly, I would definitely say that this new symptom is triggered by the stress from the sudden loss of your husband. You've experienced a massive shock and you're grieving. These things combined will have an impact on your MS. I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia quite often and simply take ibuprofen, which seems to work pretty well. Mine shoots down the righthand side of my face from my eye to under my chin. When I lost my mum suddenly in 2016, my MS took a nosedive. Legs were weaker, vision worsened and headaches were horrendous. For me, the key was rest and trying my best to find some peace and quiet. x