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Hi all, just wondered if anyone has any tips for fatigue...? I’m currently working a full time job as a manager leading a team of 5, and at the moment struggling to work full time, my concentration levels aren’t a what they were and some days I have to really drag myself up and out to work. I could easily sleep 12 hours every day. No matter how much sleep I get I don’t feel refreshed. Has anyone else experienced this...? I have relapsing remitting and was diagnosed October 2018... any feedback would be appreciated

@millyfaye- Listen to your body, get in a routine. Bed at same time every night, etc. Weekends or “off” day have a nap. When I was younger and working full time with kids at home, I took Alertec/Modafinil. Wonder drug for fatigue. The battle is real. I can sleep all day. On Modafinil combined with Baclophen( muscle relaxant) the only way I knew I was tired was when I got really grumpy. I worked in the banking and sales industry so I had to be alert and on top of my ‘game’. Ask your MS Nurse, it helps incredibly! 😁Luck!


@beshrp1 I’m just waiting on an appt to meet with my consultant to discuss Modafinil so it’s great to know it’s worked for you a lot. I’m still learning to listen to my body and take a break when I need to but sometimes managing a team it’s hard to do so when It’s needed so I feel I push myself until the end of the week and then my evenings / weekends are write offs. It’s nice to know that someone else feels the same now. I just find it so frustrating. Hopefully the modafinil will work for me too. Thanks for the message ☺️