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Exercise and heat?

I really need to start some exercise in the new year as have gained weight the last few months, with all the stress of been diagnosed ect, I used to do all tht stuff like HIIT and Insanity, spin stuff tht really makes you sweat, my question is in regards with Ms and heat, do you recommend hard core exercising or not making symptoms worst, and tips to get through it without agrivating symptoms, what exercises do you recommend for ms suffers, thank you xxx



@melmel1 short bursts with rests in between works well. Get some ice sports towels/ cloths, they rapidly cool your skin down. Wrap one round your neck like a scarf and it cools your blood as it goes through your jugular vein, so cools your core quicker. I use them at work and in my exercise classes, otherwise I just couldn't cope with the increase in my body temperature. I got mine on Amazon for about ÂĢ2 each at the start of the year, definitely worth the investment! I now have about 8, so that some can be in the wash and I can use 2 at a time! ðŸĪ—



@melmel1 , start slowly and build up, if you're coping. An increase in core body temperature may bring your MS symptoms to the fore, so be aware of this. It's called Uhthoff's Phenomenom. Swimming is the best exercise. It's low impact, exercises the whole body and maintains your temperature.



@vivien @stumbler thanks darlings X



Does heat affect you? It only started affecting me this last year and now I swim and do yoga instead of the high intensity stuff. Weight is generally more diet than exercise.



@mamawals I'm not sure if heat really effects me but I did knowtice I did twitch more u r right it's more the diet I need to work on lol thank u Hun x



My exercise routine is about a hours worth of stretching that a physical therapist prescribed to me. My neuro sent me to the therapist when I was diagnosed 11 years ago. I am still walking and just turned 66. I am real sensitive to any heat increase in my body, I even have to take a fairly cool shower in the morning and we keep our house at 66F during the day. Some MSers have problems with the cold. Potter



@potter thank u u sound like your doing well,with your ms X



I am back into yoga with Ashtanga sequence classes which are a good combo of slightly energetic and also strength and stretch. Walking is good too. I have to take breaks and start off cold so I usually walk without a coat to avoid too much core temperature rise. I think spin is good too but watch out for too much macho pushing it to the burn or whatever. I did a class and my legs just went after. Now I just slack at the back 😀ðŸĪŠ



See I'm the opposite, well I don't like to follow the in crowd, I beat to my drum 😂😂😂! I do body combat 3 times a week, when I have a babysitter lol! I'm hoping to get back into Judo but everyone is very different, do what makes you comfortable doing 😊.



Hey there, I am definitely no expert - but for what it's worth my advice would be to find the activity you like and see how it goes - build up gradually to what you know is doing you good but is tolerable too. Definitely be aware of your body and what it's telling you. Plenty water and the ice towels etc i've heard are really, really good - they're on my shopping list. I'm in the same boat wanting to lose a bit of weight but mainly want to get fit again. Running is my thing - It is a bit labored and I get warm and sweaty pretty quick even when it is chilly. Good Luck



@barny-y @chezy17 @ strictly soda thank u for ur advice âĪïļ