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Positivity thread!

Hi everyone, I know that it just isn't possible to stay positive all the time in the face of MS, and we shouldn't be expected to, sometimes it's tough and we just need to let ourselves feel how we do in that moment. BUT I would really love it if from time to time we could all share something that we are proud of, or something that happened to make us feel good, even something small. For example, mine is that the other day I was feeling very run down and tired, but had planned to meet up with some friends that I hadn't seen in some time for a "paint night" where they teach you to do a simple painting all together. I didn't think I could do it, but I wanted to try and pushed myself to get out and ended up having a really nice time, and even thought I was exhausted when I got home, I was so glad I tried! Is there anything you can share that made you feel proud, or positive in some way?



@avrilt that's lovely! Thanks for sharing, and happy birthday :)



At my worst before Christmas I crawled to the pub, a brand new experience for me as normally I'd be crawling out of it. Omfg it genuinely was the nicest pint iv ever expirianced. 1-0 to me and a big feck you in the eye to ms 💪🖕 ever since the rocky theme tune plays on loop in my head when I feel as if I'm flagging, il not give up, it can live with me not me live with ms (I almost feel sorry for it he he) as far as I'm concerned it can kiss me Lilly white arse.



You all too can tell ms to feck off and eat a phat one. It's the simple and little things that count no matter how small or silly it's all a victory. Since crimbo iv managed to carry baby's to bed again, change a car tyre, walk to car without a stick, last a whole day without touching my walking stick at work or falling over just a few that normally would take for granted. Possatives anywhere and everywhere. Fellow msdebators keep fighting stay positive or find your positive and your fight. 🥊



Last fall I power washed our house, I washed two sides one day and the other two the next. Dragging hoses and standing on uneven ground was exhausting but I got it done. It didn't help much with the mildew I was trying to blast off but I was proud of myself for trying and finishing the job. Potter



Hi, I've passed an hr diploma- study from home course!! Took longer with relapsing by hey.. got there in 2 years! All with 2 young children so feeling proud!! Nice to hear positives ... good idea x



What a really lovely idea.....well, I think yesterday was determined to dare i say get to grips somehow with pulling a pallet apart for the planks for an promised outdoor storage box for next door neighbours, spent all day, doing a bit, sitting down for a bit to rest legs & body, getting up & doing a bit more....so on & so on...finally finished late afternoon with only one thumped back of hand from lump hammer :-) , but its done....added to 3 others I finished Autumn last year....not sure if its a proud thing, but for me, just getting time outside & doing something is a real bonus



I am so glad I found this post upon logging in, your post has turned around a less than positive day. So my positive story is THIS THREAD👏👏👏



That blog I post the links for about my Lemtrada treatment - this morning it passed 80,000 views world wide - it's been read all over the world, I've talked to people all over the world by Facetime and Skype and over the phone for those in the UK. The address list on my phone has all these wierd user names with the 'company' bit saying MS. I have met up with so many people now for coffee and cake or wine just to put the world to rights. I've done the radio thing and have the possibility of more. I know MS can be life changing but for me it's changed it in a totally unexpected way. I'm now looking at doing professional qualifications in counselling and talking therapies so that I can continue to do this from a more solid basis rather than just muddeling along and hoping for the best. Strangely I'm more confident and secure in myself and more at peace with myself since MS than I was before... I'm wierd ..... I know :-)



Loving all the replies everyone, this thread makes me smile!



On my own I took my daughter to St James park playground today, cherry blossom, sun and we played bare foot in the sand. It gave my partner a well deserved break. <1km/hour walking speed, but I walked back. x



This is the best kind of thread! This is how you manage effectively everyday.. nice to see this here :)



Some lovely positive threads here to make us all smile more... love it. My positive ( I think) story for the week is that my husband decided we would go for a short, easy walk on Sunday afternoon in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, the sun was shining (good boost of vitD) and I was feeling up for it so agreed. The sunshine soon turned to rain, we got lost, the pleasant gentle tracks turned to very muddy steep farmer fields (were we trespassing and a gun pointed at us?) and the short walk went on and on and on... I was never good at orienteering even when my head was straight. But pleased to say we got back safe and sound, I had a long bath and straight to bed. A good night's sleep ensued.....



I have actually turned a big corner psychologically due to my MS, and no longer let fear in general hold me back or make decisions for me. A few years ago after my diagnosis, I started thinking that anything could happen at any time so live life while you still can and be bold. For example, I started going after better job positions that offer more benefits and more security in the field of case management. And I got a great job that I have been dreaming about for years! I start in two weeks to the day. Very excited and proud that I'm finally starting to live the dream, rather than imagine and then resent myself for not taking action. In a strange sort of way, my MS has emboldened me.



Great idea @melissa-g . My sis and I lost our mum in November. She flew home yesterday and we've booked ourselves into a spa hotel for a laugh and some pampering! It's amazing how quickly a wee gin and a laugh can make you forget about the pain etc. it also makes other guests think that there's a reason for my weaving down the corridor 😏



So lately I’ve been up and down with my symptoms and I’ve been really trying to stay positive. Last week I made a video and whilst filming i totally had an Epiphany about how we are all Made Strong. I really wanted to share this video with yous because i really want to spread these positive vibes, please watch and feel proud of yourselves because we are all amazing people that manage to overcome so many things that out brains throw at us 🙂 https://youtu.be/o5vW2-K_aBk If you want to cut out me rambling just skip to 5:16 minutes haha.



Feeling pretty positive again over here! Had a bit of a busy day with appointments, public transit and walking, all which exhaust me, but I got home and was determined to make a nice healthy dinner! I just finished making a zucchini (or courgette for you in the UK!) lasagna, where it's thinly sliced and used in place of noodles, which fits into the diet I'm currently trying to stick to to help my stomach problems. Cooking is something I love to do but just uses up so much energy I'm not always able to as I'm sure a lot of you can relate to So feeling pretty proud of what I accomplished today, and how much effort I've been putting into trying to improve my health lately :) Hope the rest of you are still reminding yourselves to be proud of the things that may even seem small to others!



I stumbled upon this thread just by chance because I can't sleep. And im so glad that I did. Is there any way of being notified if a new poster posts here?



@lemtrada-uk You should get notification emails now that you've commented on the thread :)



Love this!!! I think sometimes we forget that its ok to be happy and proud of the things we accomplish!! Positivity breeds positivity! Thank you for starting this feed!



Fantastic post! My achievement was....( apart from cobbling together a corner shower shelf unit without instructions ), finding my long handled shoe horn doubled as a back scratcher!!! Also buying a neat black metal bicycle basket to go on my scooter instead of the rubbish ex shiney black shopping trolley bag which someone kindly called 'dominatrix'. 'All you need is the whip' she said. Small achievements but they made me feel good. Keep going everyone!



The nature of MS makes it difficult to just "forget", our relapses past and present do follow us everywhere. But when we come to terms with this, it is our choice to either let it grind us down or to do something about it. Staying positive is easier said than done, when a grey cloud hangs over your head you feel powerless. But if every day you push to do something new, something to improve yourself/others, it will force your mind to think of something different- even if just for a second. The cloud sometimes stays days, weeks, months...but it does go away. I have been running 10km once a month, swimming 4 times a week, playing football again, things I'd never thought I could after my first few relapses. Diet has helped massively, eating Paleo has been a life changer. For anyone interested, the Auto Immune Paleo Cookbook is great. Our disease won't just go away, but it is up to us to decide we can overcome our everyday hurdles.



Just got back from vacation in the Grand Canyon area, did a lot of treading up ramps and trails with my husbands help. Visited Indian ruins, petrified forest, painted desert, meteorite canyon, Grand Canyon and museums. Getting in and out of the car to walk up to look out points was tiring and somewhat painful but I survived it all. Planning on going to Yellowstone next year and see the geysers. Potter



Love this idea! A couple of things I feel positive about - 1. I am doing my psychology doctorate despite the MS, which is trying to thwart me but I'll beat it's butt! It's my passion in life to do this work and that passion is stronger than silly lesions :p 2. On my honeymoon recently I was well every day but one and did lots of walking annnnnd a wee extra - it's hard to find positive stuff with MS, but I think it's made me more considerate and able to empathise with others better, which is good for working in mental health. Keep the positivity coming folks! :) x



Realised how much I was limiting myself and feeling slightly guilty about my mild feelings of resentment at my husbands antics with the kids (the three musketeers with mummy as on-looker!) So in the last month I have taken to putting to one side my concerns about balance, hired an ebike and made it out into the beautiful countryside we live in. Fantastic - my 10 year old boys excitement made me giddy as did the fresh air and scenery. Brilliant wake up call. Set your mind free , embrace change and don't be shy about the thought of doing it slightly differently.



Lovely idea! After 9 years of trying and 5 rounds of fertility treatment, diagnosed after the 3rd, I had a baby boy naturally last December. He is my reason for keeping fighting! Springandblossom this was what I feared I would be; an on-looker if I can't move about the same. going to try to adjust/change what we do and the way we do it 👍



Oh what a gorgeous post @jbj17....it has made me a little bit teary!! Well done you!



Oops, to keep things very positive!....I am heading to Euro Disney with my husband and our little one on Sunday. It will be tiring..still, we intend to have a ball! ;-)



Thanks to a foot splint, i've been able to walk at a decent speed for a few minutes. Feeling on top of the world right now.



love this thread - been a bit down lately and this gave me the nudge I needed - on it again now Positivity - got some new shirts so off to pub. Over a month since fallen over :) , car passed its MOT, sun is shining and nearly football season. Happy days - what more could a boy want. OK being greedy - anyone got Katy Perry's number?



I love this.. I have had a really hard time connecting with other people with MS because I want to keep as positive as I can and feel that some people just cant seem to do this. Yes we have MS, it is in us but it isn't who we are, there is so much more to us than that. Deal with it and move along. We all have bad days but in general there is always something to look at and appreciate.. Look for the good everyday and you will find it! <3



@Melissa-g I have to remain positive. Its all to easy to be consumed by feelings . If you let it MS will consume you , you will end up feeling sorry for yourself and this can only bring about a downward cycle . If you have a bad day, and I have many, just try to think today is a bad day, tomorrow will be a good day . Always think about positive things, don't think about what you cannot do, focus on the things you can do and try to live your life to the full and as normal as possible. Keep smiling :-) x



Nice outlook on life Ant, trying to find something fun to do this weekend but it is suppose to be in the middle 90's. Was planning on taking our car to a car show in Abilene a old western town. They are having long horned cattle drives, can can dancers, buggy and free horse rides and shoot outs. It's 150 miles north of us so it is really too far away to go and just look around. Who knows maybe the weather will cool down. Potter



@potter you should do it !!! Sounds fun . Just prepare for the heat and do things at your own pace .



I've been feeling a little bit low recently, but I'm very thankful that my facebook memories are reminding me that 3 years ago exactly, I had just started on a 4 week scholarship to learn to fly, with a charity called Flying Scholarships for Disabled People. It was an amazing experience, and the day I made my first sole flight - no one else in the plan but me - was the most incredible experience :) It's something I need reminding of - that God can help me achieve the impossible. Dan



It’s not entirely clear why men have less autoimmune disease than women. Researchers suspect it has to do with the differences in the immune system. Women have been found to have a more intense immune response to vaccinations, trauma, and infections, compared to men. So it is likely that this highly active immune system puts women at risk for more thyroid disease. Thanks and Regards Teresa B. Schaefer <span style="color: #ff0000;">NOTE : Web-link removed as either inappropriate or dangerous - Admin (@stumbler)</span>



@teresab-schaefer while it may be true that there are more instances of autoimmune diseases in women, this is not really the appropriate thread for that message. This is to post positive experiences that we have had in our lives living with MS. Please feel free to share something like that here! :)



I finally got a job, even though it is part time I was content with my solitude, fatigue and depression has kept me inside my property. I sorta feel freed. dork stuff. but i am glad to be out and communicating. should never have stopped.



@kelics....copy that!



Finally finished the mural I have been making for the front porch, it isn't installed yet. My husbands says we need to let the mortar cure for a while. It is very heavy has over 2,000 one inch porcelain tiles in the design. Now I need to decide on a new project. Keeping busy keeps me happy. Potter



Hi all, great idea. Everyone whatever their circumstances need to focus on the positive. I had a letter today from my Neurologist saying that my MRI showed an improvement and a lesion on me spine had resolved and no fur demyelination, this is after a year on Copaxone so I was dreading my first review. In general I'm happier than I've been in ages before this as ms has just made me focus on the now, but this is just the cherry on the cake. Happy happy happy.



I like your spirit Melissa, keep the good vibes going.



Hi Melissa-g this is my first time in shift-ms, what a great positive way to start. Thank you. I love your painting night idea, I might have to borrow that one for myself. I'm in australia and it's hot here, but I used wet scarfs and ice packs to keep cool and take my kids to the beach. It was a huge win for me as i could join in their fun and excitement :)



Hello everyone. Very new to all this as I was just diagnosed weeks ago. @melissa-g love the staying positive thread. I love to garden and can in my so called spare time. But with being soooo tired and dizzy all the time I thought it was impossible this year. Last week I was able to can 11 jars of my chili sauce!! Yea me, and I did it all by myself. Took me 3 days of prep, canning and clean up--But I did it!! This is something that would have normally taken me a couple of hours so I was down about that a little, but my family was wonderful about the "mess" I had going in the kitchen, they didn't complain and were very happy for me about what I accomplished. Feeling very thankful for my family. Dawn



Nice one Melissa-g. I’m all in favour of positivity, even though I have PP MS, diagnosed 2009. In June 2015 I started a Facebook food blog, https://www.facebook.com/MyEasySuppers/. I now have 22,000 fans who love what I do. And yes, they all know I have MS. I think that’s me being positive! MS so often feels as though it’s the end of your world. But it doesn’t have to be. I’ve even just launched a JustGiving campaign to get 2 lightweight wheelchairs that the NHS can't/won’t supply. It's at: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/nick-davies-wheelchair



Before I even realised that my symptoms were due to MS I decided that I was going to complete the Gherkin Challenge (no, it doesn't involve eating gherkins, hehe) for NSPCC. I found it difficult to train due to having numb legs at the time so instead of being able to hop on the tredmil I persevered and used the cross trainer instead! I completed the challenge (in double the time I wanted to, but hell, I did it!) raising over 1k for the NSPCC. I am super proud and hope to be able to start fundraising for ShiftMS.



Amy prince! The Gherkin Challenge?! Well done!!! My achievement is much smaller😊It started just an hour ago when the grey of the sky was all tucked into myself because of...because!! Ready I was to feel miserable and sulk...But the tablet I use showed me a thread (I have no idea how it got there! I'm absolutely NOT a GEEK!) and I've started reading...Positive? Well, maybe that's what's called and sometimes I forget it, even though I KNOW how very true is having MS doesn't mean stop doing things but finding a different way of doing them... OK! First of all the grey clouds disappeared, and the memory of last Sunday lunch, out in a restaurant, with "the girls" (13 all together!), resurfaced! One might ask: where is the achievement? The only fact that I spent a great afternoon full of laughter, which in itself is extremely therapeutic especially for me, because I seldom laugh!!! There, instead of locking myself behind of "No, thanks" and hiding, I laughed and laughed and made others laugh too! As ever thank you all and thank you Melissa😀 Teresa



I'm happy and positive today because I get to bake cookies. I moved into a new home a year ago and the kitchen is great but I can't use the oven b/c of accessability issues. I love baking and haven't done much since I need someone else to put it in the oven. My friend is coming over today for a cookie date.



@joybee Not there yet - but I agree. Working around physical challenges is just part of who we are... I took my wife out for dinner tonight; she deserves it. Went to watch a hockey game last night with a few friends. Played Bridge last Friday with my sister against 80 players. My Brother & Sister flew in so we had early Christmas Saturday. Grey Cup Party with friends Sunday. My physical abilities have deteriorated - yet life is still worth living..



Hey all, I actually do this exact same "thread" with my younger brother. Everyday we share via chat (we are many many many kms apart) what brightened our day. It feels really good to read and to share. H



I love the idea of this thread. Last night I was out playing fiddle at a local session. My heart soared, it was such fun. I just adore doing this !! Playing music with other people is like having a secret conversation, where that is no judgement or preconceived ideas, it ebbs and flows, sways and bounces along...yehhhh what a night!! Emma Tx



Having fun in the snow with my munchkins today, pulling them down the street on a sledge, throwing snowballs and building snowmen. Listening to their squeals and giggles whilst chasing them around with snowballs...life is for living right 😊! Xx



Stormed about the mall today in my wheelchair Listening to music I love on my headphones Weaving my way round Xmas shoppers Important for my soul to get out and about Great thread



Things are going great. The silver lining of Disability is that I have lots of free time. Socialized with friends Friday evening; a friend had my wife & I over for dinner Monday. Last night we & a bunch of people I have known for 35+ years went out for Chinese dinner close by my house. And it appears my Christmas holidays are filled with family & friends. Scanning & sharing pictures from my past is a very rewarding way to fill my quiet times. Facebook is perfect to keep in touch with those I like who live 1,000's of kilometers away. Merry Christmas one & all.



Yesterday, the scales showed I had lost the last pound of all my MS weight gain (9 kilos!) You know, waiting for diagnosis, more inactive life, chocolate, sweets, crisps, general gluttony. Aside from having MS, I've learned that we can choose be in control of choices we make and I have achieved what I didn't think I had the willpower to do. Love this thread. Massive holiday hugs to you all xx



Love the idea of this thread for achivements big and small. This week I managed to stand up unsupported and put on and take off my coat without anyone helping me or having to sit down. A small win for me and my ongoing neuro physio to build core strength. After a couple of months of problems it was good to see my hard work has paid off. Working on using just a crutch rather than walker as well but this is still a work in progress but feel positive i can achieve it. Keep going all we are strong and awesome



During this year I have gradually moved my walking up on an anti gravity machine (for extra support) from 5 mins to 20 mins - but walking properly and reminding my muscles what they were designed for!



great idea @melissa-g! as my disease has progressed to SPMS I've learned to live with my new normals our kids are in great health and happiness as well as my husband! and an drawing I did was unexpectedly published in a book! this was the 2nd time my art is in a book so that wad a huge thing for me cause I realized in my heart of hearts that nothing can make me quit. I have new doors to open and I can't wait to see what a little MS'er like myself can achieve this year! again, thank you for this wonderful thread!



I am always positive, we’ll almost always, lol . My way of thinking is it could be worse, how can I complain when there are people dying of cancer etc.... I think about that every day and think my life is good. That’s what keeps me going and doing the things that I love to do



It's Shift ms and all the interesting, kind, funny people I have virtually met. I am still alive with anger and frustration and know my energy is dying to move in another direction. I feel open arms here (if you wanna cry try 'open arms' by elbow. It's universal) I love you all in perseverance. Sboo x



Despite my trepidation about traveling/flying alone, I went back to my childhood home for our family's annual Half-Thanksgiving party. I had fantastic time hanging out with my 7 sibs and their spouses for a long weekend. All that mucking about in airports was terrible, but it was so worth it. I miss them! Thanks for starting this thread, Melissa!



Hello everyone and especially @meslissa-g for starting this thread, which I hope turns out to be the longest in Shift history! Today I woke up feeling a little displaced. I saw this thread surface again and it has reminded me of how many peeps out there are rooting for one another, and how it feels to have so many people understand what it’s like to be ‘us’ and to live the lives that we do. Thanks to all for who you are, and for being on Shift x



@vixen I'm so glad this thread made you feel that way! It makes me smile every time I see someone add to it and bring back the thread! :)



I am making an effort to go out more often with my wife and twins, enjoying some special family time together no matter where they want to go. We all went to see Trainspotting Live last week, they arranged special seating for me it was FAB



Great day today, even though I have lost my mobility car I still have a caravan, a very kind friend is towing me 8 miles in a months time to go on holiday with good friends in the singles caravan club in a months time and today, in the sunshine I cleaned the caravan, great fun with the hose and caravan brush from a wheelchair, but I have survived, and feel very positive about my achievement! Might not seem great shakes to some people but it's a major for me.✌🏼



Yayyyy positivity... being a mum to 4 girls it’s very difficult to go on more than one holiday a year and committing to a date (as you never know how your going to feel) so we invested in a tent and any extra days off or any of the weekends we have free .. and all is well we camp out in the garden!!! We light a fire pit toast marshmallows eat a great meal as the kitchen is literally a skip and a hop away .. we invite a few family members round if the weathers good for a bbq .. oh and the joys of sitting on your own loo! ;) we go for walks in the woods near us.. sometimes I skip that bit ;) but I never knew you could have so much fun!! And by the evening you literally could be anywhere and if the weather gets to much we can all hop back in our own beds!!! Fabulous!!! Making memories the easy way 👏🏽



I started Gilenya 2 weeks ago and, although I'm not sure if it's in my head or the medication, I feel sooooooo much better! Positivity is everything. Have a great day everyone!



Yesterday I finished my 4 year degree having battled with MS for 2 of those years. Despite the fatigue I pushed through countless late nights. Despite the uncertainty I remained focused. Despite the up and down reactions to medications I always tried again. You can do anything! Keep going <3



@abbie1975, huge congratulations to you! What a huge aceivement. Have fun and fulfilment planning your onward journey with those all-important letters after your name! X



Well done, @abbie1975 , that's some achievement.



I’m managing to still express my creative side now I’ve accepted I need a little help with the physical bits that are a little to challenging these days ( dexterity, predominantly) & recently made confetti from real flowers for my mums wedding . I’d picked them while wheeling about walking my dog & from my garden .. they looked & smelt beautiful, rose petals, irises, bluebells , I wish I could share the photos 💐 My ideas were brought to life & it was a well received personal touch.. MS , ha , I win !



These are all great posts! Thanks for sharing everyone :) I'm heading to Portugal today with my partner and family and have called ahead for wheelchair assistance, and rented a scooter to get around hilly Lisbon, feeling proud of myself for accepting accommodations, which I had a hard time with when first diagnosed.



Have a wonderful holiday, you will reap the rewards of that acceptance, I know it’s a tough thing to do, we’ll done you ☺️



Made dinner, played in the back yard with kids, gave them baths, and read to them all for bedtime. It was a good night. They love playing outside, but I have trouble with the heat. So I sat there at n the shade watching while they played with water tonight. Need to do that again.



Yesterday I travelled on public transport for the first time on my own, in my mobility scooter. I travelled 1hr to a indoor pool and swam for 1hr, then got myself changed and off to a nearby shopping centre for lunch on my own. Lunching on my own was not intended and my wife arrived later but the whole day was liberating to have done everything independently? Also at dinner I realised I was using my previous dominant hand again and that I’d been doing that for a couple of days now! It’s so easy sometimes to forget our “old” self/bodies are still in there. To top my day of positivity off I checked my prepaid travel card balance online and realised my public transport journey never registered so I travelled for free (what a rebel) lol.



@nr1321, sounds like a major achievement, nice one! Good to see this thread come around again....



@melissa-g If you look my recent post Titled My Decade I provide my journey since 2010, I was diagnosed RRMS in 02' symptoms started ~ 93. Diagnosed SPMS in 17. Bottom line I really have had a great life. Of course I went through the fear and doubts but today I can't think of anything I've been deprived of because of MS. But, I look for positives each day. Read my post. It's long and a bit detailed. I hope that it will provide a light for you too.



For me it is the people I have met since diagnosis, from professionals to my physio to other MSers. Everyone is lovely and everyone Just gets it and this has helped me come to terms and accept my diagnosis. It *almost* makes me glad I was diagnosed so that I met them. "If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it"



Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun to bring this thread back, especially since there is so much going on in the world right now. I'm feeling positive about the walking I've been doing recently! I've been able to go a bit further without a bread than I was before and it feels great! Would anyone else like to add something that's going on in their life? Nothing is too small!



Meat to say without a break lol!