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Choosing my drugs.. Help!

Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on which drugs to choose. I'm all new to this MS malarkey, diagnosed in November past after a bad flare up in August. I never had any symptoms before that I knew off but they found old lesion and two new ones in spinal cord so he diagnosed me then and there. I'm lucky I was never really in limbo land but getting the diagnosis was a kick in the teeth. Any advice would be appreciated.. Mandy



Hi @mandy1979 I found the MS Trust decisions toll very good - since you can answer some questions and it narrows things donw for you: https://www.mstrust.org.uk/ms-decisions-1 Once you have narrowed it down use the search on here ro see what people have been saying about the different drugs. My neurologist told me to pick something that suits my lifestyle so take that into account when looking at the way the treatment is done - injectin vs tablets vs infusion. For example I travel a lot for work - sometimes on short notice so I opted for Tecfidera since I can carry that easily with me and don't have to worry about discussions at aiports about needles or storing it in a cool place. You might also want to give the latest brain health report a read: https://www.msbrainhealth.org/report If you are looking for research papers (via google scholar for example) and can't access them try a plug-in called unpaywall that finds openly accessible versions of papers (if available) if not you can always ask me - I'm a researcher at a university and can access some papers that way.



@mandy1979 , it's still early days for you, so take your time with any decisions. I can't find fault with the advice above from @stephz .



Hi @mandy1979. I’m sure that you will have read the phrase ‘hit it hard, fast and early’ regarding DMTs. But, as you’ve said yourself, this invader was probably lurking below radar for some time, so you mustn’t feel rushed. In my case, I allowed myself a good month or so to let the shock-dust settle. Then I decided that Tecfidera would best suit my lifestyle. However, others fine tablets tough because they often forget to take them. I waited until I had holiday time due to begin taking them, given that I was prepared for reported side effects. Fortunately, there were none in my case. There is no way of measuring how effective the drug is, in each case, that’s the gamble. We just have to hope and rely on medical statistics. I’m confident that I made the right decision, but more than that, I’ve worked a lot on diet, mental wellbeing and lifestyle which has shown the greatest impact for me. That took about a year since diagnosis last January. Good luck, lots of support on here for you x



Hi @mandy1979 It can be a real kick in the teeth being diagnosed but there is a good choice of medication & advice available. I had Cladribine at the end of 2017, 7 years after my diagnosis so really took my time deciding but found this was the best DMT for me. Have a read about the DMTs & ask questions as people are always very happy to help on here. Makky



Hi @mandy1979 I found choosing a DMT really difficult. I hated the thoughts of all these chemicals being in my system and not knowing if they were even working. I was terrified of the lists of side effects that came with some of them. For me, I just wasn't willing to take the risk with some of the stronger drugs side effects and decided to go with copaxone, which is working well for me so far. Injections are a bit of a pain but for now, it'll do! Like the others say, do your research and see what feels right for you. Hope you are well.