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Hello, My name is Manasi Bhide and I am presently studying at Cardiff University, Wales. I am currently commencing with a research project for my MSc in Physiotherapy. I will be conducting a research based on patient perspectives on receiving a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) prognosis. This research idea comes directly from my best friend’s experiences about- the trajectory, healthcare needs etc who was who was herself diagnosed with MS at the age of 21 and it is based on patient’s voice. This research could potentially benefit young adults with MS and their families/ and also for HCPs and service providers. I hope the findings of this study will help to inform HCPs and service providers about the needs of young adults in relation to providing information about their prognosis when newly diagnosed. It would be of great help if anyone wishes to participate as it be beneficial to a lot more MSers. If anyone interested feel free to inbox me, I will provide you with more details. Thanks

Hi, I’m interested in helping. My wife is an OT, so our family has quite a broad perspective on MS. I’m new to this forum, don’t know how to do PMs yet.


Hi, Im intrested if I qualify ?