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What do you believe triggered your MS

I always wonder this, When being diagnosed the neuro asked me "is MS in your famiy?" then "have you had any major accidents in your life?" They say it is not hereditary but I have met and read about so many people whose Mum, sister etc has it, I did have a major accident years ago and believe mine stems from this

Its not hereditary, genetic yes, but not hereditary. I had an aunt that had MS, but neither of my parents did. As for what triggered it, life? I don't know, I was 21 when I had my first identifiable symptom of MS, but I had many much quieter symptoms for at least four years before that.


Mine all started last November when I was ill with a cold, that has been my first attack when my speech went & my right hand & wrist became completely disabled for 2 weeks. Still not diagnosed. The only other thing in my family is my dad has altzimers. I think I probably had it in me all along & the cold/virus I had triggered it off. No other ms symptoms before the cold though.