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job interviews/ disclosure

hi everyone, I hope your day is going well! so I am pretty happy, as I have the first interview for a new role, next week.. i have been looking for a new job for some time, so to get the interview feels like an achievement itself. i am trying to concentrate on preparing for the role as i would normally. But its the first time i have interviewed with the new diagnosis. its been 5 months since that diagnosis, and i am in a much better place, physically & mentally. My recovery has been very positive, and so far, my tysabri infusions seem to be sitting ok with me. I have some lingering issues. face numbness/ vertigo/ light sensitivity and super fatigue...I seem to be prone to feeling great in the mornings, and then by early evening - its like a switch and i am exhausted.. i still can't figure out whether this is the tysabri (4 infusions) , or the MS, or both... all i know, is its not something i use to feel, unless it was self inflicted. and even then, i could tolerate a fair amount of punishment. i guess i am a little daunted at going back to work.. i feel less sharp than before.. i am not sure if thats due to not working or due to fatigue.. Or if its a bit of anxiety making me worry about going back to work. i wonder whether ill be able to cope with the demands... i work as a business analysis and the role is for a investment management company.. so the role will be technical and challenging.. i know I've done it before, so probably overthinking stuff. I guess it helps to sound board with you guys, who have experience of the same challenges and experiences. so really appreciate it. and then its the question of - should i be open with the company about my MS... perhaps if i make it through round 1 and 2, then discuss it with HR? I know these decisions are personal.. i just feel it kind of confusing.. part of me feels its good to be open, so you can plan around issues if they arise in the future. but then part of me - is kind of private and doesn't want it to be known.. the company does say they promote diversity and inclusivity - and provides flexibility to their employees. so sounds promising . sorry for the brain dump... but it does help. take care all,