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job interviews/ disclosure

hi everyone, I hope your day is going well! so I am pretty happy, as I have the first interview for a new role, next week.. i have been looking for a new job for some time, so to get the interview feels like an achievement itself. i am trying to concentrate on preparing for the role as i would normally. But its the first time i have interviewed with the new diagnosis. its been 5 months since that diagnosis, and i am in a much better place, physically & mentally. My recovery has been very positive, and so far, my tysabri infusions seem to be sitting ok with me. I have some lingering issues. face numbness/ vertigo/ light sensitivity and super fatigue...I seem to be prone to feeling great in the mornings, and then by early evening - its like a switch and i am exhausted.. i still can't figure out whether this is the tysabri (4 infusions) , or the MS, or both... all i know, is its not something i use to feel, unless it was self inflicted. and even then, i could tolerate a fair amount of punishment. i guess i am a little daunted at going back to work.. i feel less sharp than before.. i am not sure if thats due to not working or due to fatigue.. Or if its a bit of anxiety making me worry about going back to work. i wonder whether ill be able to cope with the demands... i work as a business analysis and the role is for a investment management company.. so the role will be technical and challenging.. i know I've done it before, so probably overthinking stuff. I guess it helps to sound board with you guys, who have experience of the same challenges and experiences. so really appreciate it. and then its the question of - should i be open with the company about my MS... perhaps if i make it through round 1 and 2, then discuss it with HR? I know these decisions are personal.. i just feel it kind of confusing.. part of me feels its good to be open, so you can plan around issues if they arise in the future. but then part of me - is kind of private and doesn't want it to be known.. the company does say they promote diversity and inclusivity - and provides flexibility to their employees. so sounds promising . sorry for the brain dump... but it does help. take care all,



@londonlad , brain dumps are good and very therapeutic. It's one of the reasons we're all here. First things first, your fatigue issues. Have a read of the "Spoon Theory" for understanding MS fatigue :- https://butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory/ As to your new job, a degree of apprehension is to be expected, but what's the worst that could happen? Your employer is bound by the Equalities Act 2010 and is legally obliged to consider you in line with other applicants. They can't discriminate because of the MS. Having said that, if I was an employer, I wouldn't want to employ someone that may be off sick regularly. I'd find another reason to reject them, to avoid breaking the law. So, you don't know whether they do the right thing, or say they do the right thing. There's a big difference. You are not legally obliged to divulge your MS. Not unless it is patently obvious that you have a medical condition, e.g. use a walking stick. Personally, I would keep this quiet until you are formally offered the position. Then you can mention to HR that you need to visit hospital every four weeks. Hope this helps. And good luck. :wink:



hi london lad, firstly take note of stumblers advice nearly always good , as to disclosure , from personal experience DONT if you are pretty healthy and come across ok at interview, i disclosed to my company and was carefully but systematically managed out of the company , next company was completely different, went for interview didnt disclose got job been there 4 years disclosed a year ago when had to they have been great and really helped to keep me working , so if any choice of company size always go for bigger company morechance of them making adjustments for you or finding you another role, anyway good luck and i hope all goes well yours maartin hankins



Hi there, yes, agree with all the above. You've gotten to be a business analyst because of who you are and MS doesn't change that. Making reasonable adjustments for you when you decide to disclose could be something like adjusting your work hours around your peak fitness hours, or enabling you to work from home if that's do-able with what you do? I told the HR department in my workplace but only once I was sure that it was indeed the right job for me. Oh but don't forget, you do have to inform DVLA if you drive. Good luck, and if you don't get the job, keep trying.



thank you for all your feedback :) @stumbler as always, your advice really pinpoints my problem.. many thanks. i guess, i now see that i don't need to make the interview anything bigger than it is.. worst case, its practice for the next interview i guess ;) wow, reading that blog was quite something.. it really resonated with me, and may be something I share with others, friends and family, to try and understand how i feel at times... as it does a better job than i have been able to do myself at explaining it.. I realise i have already had to start to learn when/ how to use my spoons lol I am hoping the routine i have put in place. gym, good sleep and diet, will help me when getting back to working, and the further fatigue i am sure i will feel. @hank Thank you for sharing your experience. it helps to get feedback how things went for you I was already airing on the side not to disclose for many of the reasons mentions. The company i am interviewing is very large , so as you say, should be big enough to help if at some stage, adjustments are needed. again, many thanks for the feedback @vixen thank you for your encouragement, i guess my confidence was knocked by all that happened. and the diagnosis threw me off... and may have put some doubts into my mind.. but you are right..i am the same person, albeit with some lingering symptoms and adjustments to my lifestyles (many very positive :) ) i hope for there to be scope to work from home in the role... with my prior experience, there has tended to be periods where id need to be in the office or with clients for the initial project planning, but then long periods, where the work being done, could often be performed from home. again thanks for all the feedback and encouragement ! Cheers



I've changed jobs a few times since I was diagnosed. Some jobs have required a pre medical on accepting the post and I've disclosed then. Its never gone against me. I've been with my current employer a year and they don't know about MS as it was not a question they asked. I've just accepted another post and haven't told them as again its not a question they have asked. For me if they don't ask I don't disclose. That said if I thought I would need any adjustments I would disclose, otherwise its no ones business but my own.