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Planning Christmas dinner

Apologies to those amongst you that prefer to only acknowledge the arrival of Christmas on Christmas Eve 😊 Ok so not strictly an ms subject but it is related... As some of you may remember since the major relapse that brought about my diagnosis I have struggled with my hands. They are quite frustratingly the most significant hangover from that relapse. Not just because of this but also for a variety other reasons we have eaten Christmas dinner at various relatives homes for the past several years. Now at first this was great, all the fun of the big day without all the stress of feeding everyone, but frankly this year I'd really just like to be able to spend the day at home, relaxed & to my own time table πŸ˜‰ (possibly in pyjamas, it's too soon to say for sure) There has been some improvement in my hand control over the last couple of years & I do have a trusty volunteer to help. So basically I'd love to hear everyone's suggestions or ideas, big or small, that make any part of cooking a large dinner easier! I think my role will still have to be mainly supervisory πŸ€” πŸ˜‰