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Social anxiety

I realise that I used to suffer from depression and anxiety so I sought the help of a talking therapist. These issues were brought on by my MS- although the MS remains I do feel that I am in a much better place mentally. However I have noticed that my social anxiety tends to flare up in social situations. I feel shy and apprehensive to initiate conversation, or when I’m asked a question I tend to be very abrupt. This is mainly because I feel that my life isn’t as exciting as other non-MS people and I don’t want to bore people with the negativity of MS, and lower the mood of the entire room. For example my university friends and I met up recently for another friend’s wedding. When everyone was talking about their high flying careers & professional lives, I just wanted the ground to swallow me up. I literally had nothing to add to the conversation. So I drifted out of the conversation (this technique helps me to manage my cognitive fatigue) to such an extent that I probably came across as disinterested. How do I help make myself more sociable? If my MS continues at this trajectory, then I can see myself becoming a boring individual or a recluse. I will end up losing good quality friendships. I am keen to avoid such a situation. Please help