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Cycling with compromised balance

I used to be a keen cyclist prior to getting MS. From losing my balance (and ability to walk unaided for long distances) to today, I haven’t rode a bike for 10 years. Now that my young son has learned how to cycle, he wants me to join him on a short bike rides around our block of streets. Is it a good idea for me to cycle with my compromised balance (My walking is very slow and wobbly)? Will I need to learn to ride from scratch all over again? I’m thinking that riding a cycle would be useful exercise but I don’t think I have it in me to re-learn how to ride a bike, and all the falling over that it would entail. Is it true that you never really forget how to ride a cycle? Does this even apply where one has developed mobility issues? Does anybody have any experience of riding a cycle with MS? Any practical tips for re-learning to ride? Thanks