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Tested positive for JVC

Hi everyone! I tested positive for JVC, currently on tysabri. I'm absolutely gutted as was feeling really positive that this would be a great treatment for me. Wanted some advice on what alternative DMTs people would recommend please? Many thanks 😘

Hi @katrinalawes , I understand that you are scared ..I was too positive for JC when I started Tysabri. Though my levels were below 1 they've told me I can stay on Tysabri without any risks. You will get every couple of monts tested for JC ..to check if your level went up ..MRI every 6 months ..I felt confident being on Tysabri even if i was positive. If I'm not wrong ..Tysabri is given when it an highly active ms..as I had ..in 2 years ..it got stable ..did its job. After 2 years, after my ms got stable and unfortunately JC became active my consultant decided to stop Tysabri and gave me some other options..I chosed Kesimpta..subcutaneous injections..I do it at home ..takes 30 sec..no more hospital visits . Hope you make the right decision. Take care and stay safe.


Dear @katrinalawes, I was sorry to hear your news but, as @RoxanaM has said, all is not lost. I went JC+ after a couple of years on Tysabri. Like you, I was gutted. By the time my next blood test came around, I was back to JC-. It can, and does, happen sometimes. I have been on Tysabri for around 70 months now, and it has been great for me. I hope you have the same success. Good luck, and best wishes. Jon