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Uhthoffs/blurry vision anyone??

Evening all :D Hoping for some answers/experiences please! For almost 13 weeks now I've been experiencing intermittent blurry vision in my left eye. It comes on when I'm active (and by active i mean pretty much anything other than sitting/lying still) and gets worse the more i do to the point where i can distinguish colours and shapes but cant make out any detail with the eye. I've seen my GP, Optician and a specialist eye doctor. All have said that they cant see anything untoward in the eye and the last suggestion was that of uhthoffs phenomenon. I'm finding this very difficult to live with and adapt to. My MS nurse has been utterly useless offering me absolutely no support or suggestions (just kept saying 'at least its not happening all the time' - right!) and I'm currently waiting over a week for her to come back to me after consulting the eye doctors for any suggestions. So basically its been decided that that's what it is - what now? Will I have this forever? Have i just been thrown on the scrap heap because I have a strange/difficult symptom? I have a couple of problems with the decision to be honest - 1. I've never had optic neuritis (but I have had Nystagmus) 2. I thought uhthoffs only happened when you're hot? mine comes on no matter what the temperature (even in the freezing temperatures we've had in the last few weeks). Please if you've had any experience of this symptom, could you post- I'm desperate for some answers xxx BTW - I'm diagnosed for 10 years

Thanks for sharing your experience Avril! I've had eye symptoms before (nystagmus which is awful) but never as long lasting as this, even without steroids. ?


Hi there To be honest this is something I've always had. 18mths ago when I was more mobile I would have to really get my heart rate up to get blurred vision but since 2 nasty relapes I've been left partially sighted so since that I only have to move a little and my eyes get worse I've learnt to stop, rest and get going again. Sorry for the doom and gloom but I know how Uhthoffs feels Take care Rebecca ?