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Buzzing/leg vibrations

Just when I thought the leg vibrations, buzzing sensation in my right leg was over, it's back. Had them before but it seems to have started up again. My legs, what can I say. Since 2020 has not been the same. Nerve pain first, then the buzzing/vibration sensation, stabbing pain, stiffness and now buzzing again. Oh and also lower back and hip pain. People just don't realise what us MS'ers go through on a day to day basis. When I tell people about the nerve pain in my leg they say 'oh I suppose it's the cold weather'. I've said so many times it doesn't matter whether it's hot or cold. MS nerve pain is different from Arthritis. The joys of ms that we have to put up with....

Right! There are so many types of aches or peculiar sensations: for me it was: frostbite on fingertips; drops of invisible water on legs and arms; tingling in neck when looking down; stiff muscles, COLD to the touch; icy cold burning hands, feet and nose; achy hip joints; fuzzy thoughts and inability to multitask; massive daily fatigue; and jerky hand tremors. (Not necessarily in that order, and sometimes all on the same day). Yes, it is not at all like anything I had ever experienced…quite hard to explain. I hear you and I’m glad you shared your thoughts today!