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Fatigue —> depression

Does anybody get depression off the back of fatigue, or even simple exhaustion? I ask as I’ve just done two back to back workdays over the weekend, so I expect to be tired today. But every Monday following this rota I feel really desolate and depressed. I can’t see anything good in anything and often count down hours until bed, when I’m often too fed up to fall asleep anyway! I take anti depressants and have actually just upped the dose 9 days ago. But this pattern is really making me confused as I don’t know wether I am genuinely not okay with my mental health or physical fatigue and mental exhaustion (stressful job) is mimicking depression. X

The first thing I (selfishly) thought when reading this, "Did I take my modafinil today?" I don't do antidepressants, because they don't seem to work for me; but your post felt all too familiar. What I have found is that habitual expectations take hold in a vicious loop. The emptiness it can cause is dangerous. This is MS. I'm 62; and have been on this MS trip for 37 years. If your able, try to make a change in your routine. Even small changes can give you a different perspective. See if you are eligible for HSCT (Clinica Ruiz). Try to do the Sun Salutation, because it's a good goal. Peace be with you!


Yes ! Some days I feel very low and I was not like this at all before the diagnosis. I do think it’s all connected to MS and any sort of stress makes it worse. You are definitely not alone