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I would love to hear from anyone that is currently single with MS and trying to date, or anyone that was single and is now in a relationship/married. How do/did you deal with dating and disclosing the diagnosis with your partner? How do you get over the thought of feeling like "damaged goods" or that you come with baggage? Recently broke up with someone and finding it hard to stay positive that eventually I will find someone.

I'm really sorry to hear about your break up, sending you love xx I met my current boyfriend whilst in the investigation/diagnosis stage of the MS and I just came straight out with it. I told him that things could get weird or not work and that it could end up a lot worse than expected and he accepted it. I think if they're the right person they will accept you and move through it all together. Be honest, and be happy and proud of who you are!


Hey.. if he was the right one for you he would stay with you through thick and thin. So hopefully you will find the right person soon and I know its hard to stay positive when having MS. However having this community and sharing with people that are like you feeling your pain and understanding you really helps. Just want to tell you your not alone and your strong and amazing ! Much love,