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Spasticity questions

Hi everybody, I have some questions about spasticity. I am having a hard time figuring out what it is, exactly, and how to differentiate it from something as simple as sore muscles or some other type of issue. Currently, I have a stiff neck. Like you get when you sleep in the wrong position in bed. Normally when this happens to me, it's gone in a couple of days. This time it's been closing in on 3 weeks and it's no better. I've tried switching to the guest bedroom, I've tried different pillows. Nothing helps (except ibuprofen, which I hate taking). I'm getting a massage tonight and again Friday to help relax those muscles. Could that be spasticity from the MS, or just simply a sore neck? Maybe I just haven't found the RIGHT pillow or something? Although I've had this pillow for awhile, it's memory foam and it has never given me problems before, I've had it for nearly 2 years (and it hasn't lost any of its ... what's the word? Fluff? Solidity? Plus memory foam pillows are supposed to last a really, really long time so I don't think it's really a problem with the pillow). Also, from time to time, my legs ache. Sort of like I've overdone it on exercise, except I haven't done anything out of the ordinary - walk the dog, etc.. More frequently, it's specifically the right side of my thigh (but not always). Also my low back is a mess, I have facet joint arthritis and that pain can radiate around my back & legs sometimes, so it's possibly a combination of all of that, I suppose. I'm just not clear on exactly what spasticity is supposed to feel like. I hear spasms all the time - but I imagine that to be more like spasms, like an eye twitch or something. Could the legs & neck be spasticity? Is there any way to definitely know for sure that's what it is or is it a guessing game? Thanks, Michelle