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Index finger twitch

Good morning (from the states), My index finger has been twitching uncontrollably for 2-3 weeks now. Every day, multiples times per day. I'm trying to rule out everything.... some things I know that can cause this are vitamin deficiencies (Mg, vit B, calcium) - I take all of those, so I don't believe it would be that. I do have a desk job & spend a lot of time on the computer, using a mouse. I've read that carpel tunnel does not generally cause finger twitching, but not sure how accurate that information is (my wrist doesn't hurt, it's just my finger twitching). I've been at this same job for 14 years, so if it is a mouse, wouldn't it be odd that it took 14 years for something to go wrong? My last thought is, of course, MS, because I know it can cause some twitching. Is there anything else (other than a tumor!) that would cause this? I have an appt to see my neuro for MRIs and exam but not until mid-March. This isn't an urgent issue anyway so if I can't find a way to resolve this, I'll just bring it up to him in March. Going to try a new mouse that helps with index finger fatigue. Just wondering if anybody has some other ideas I can try? Thank you! Michelle

@isaacson72 i had a very similar thing, where i was getting twitches on my right hand. it happened first last august and soon went. and then maybe 3 weeks ago came back.. i mentioned to MS nurse during my medicine appointment, and they said just to monitor. Anyway i noticed that i had stopped taking my magnesium supplements as i ran out, and since I've started again, coincidence or not, the twitches have gone. so for me it might have been related. or i may have just been a passing issue, which i hope it turns out to be for you. cheers


I'm glad yours went away. The first few days this went on, it was just mildly annoying and I didn't think much of it. Now, nearly 3 weeks in, it's maddening!! It twitches all the time, night & day, weekends & evenings, not just when I'm using the computer. Even when it's not actually twitching, it feels like it's about to. I just ordered a new mouse for my computer where you scroll with your thumb, arrives tomorrow. Sounds like I'll still use my index finger to click but apparently it's at a different angle & it's a very light click so we'll see if that will help. If it doesn't, I'll ..... well I don't know. I guess just wait until my March appt with the neuro & see what he says. I tried using my mouse with my left hand, to rest my right. That was sort of funny.