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So 3 weeks ago I posted about having chest pains, it began to get worse (happening more frequently, and the burst of pain were lasting longer as time went on) I went to the ER and they diagnosed me with pleurisy and I read that this is common in auto immune deficiency patients as well as it lasts longer for people like us other wise it’s suppose to go away on its on. Have any of you ever had this? They gave me naproxen and I’ve been taking that for almost 2 weeks and it got better but I am still feeling it. I’m getting a little concerned because I had been feeling the chest pains for a while before I actually got checked out and now that I know what it is and am taking the meds I just figured it’d be gone by now... what’s you guys take on this? Has anyone had this?

I’ve had bad chest pains and heart palpitations so I went to the ER and they did an X ray and EKG, but told me everything looked fine. Thankfully mine did go away on its own after a couple of months. When it got bad I’d take Ativan which helped. Hope it goes away soon! I know it’s scary when you’re having chest pains.


Congratulations, @imagwms , you're the first Forum Member to mention Pleurisy. Your story portrays a good lesson for all of us - not everything is down to MS!