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Reaction to diagnosis

Hello everyone! - so got my definite diagnosis today - more a relief than anything for me, but I have had the urge to go out and do something, dont really drink so wont be getting drunk, but something along those lines, have to admit going to get some naughty food, and really wanted to buy something like a new top or jewellery or something, feel like I need to mark the occasion in some way. Just interested in what people did when they were diagnosed and their reactions??



I can't quite remember what I did - it was so long ago. But, your intentions seem a pretty good idea as far as I'm concerned. Nothing has changed for you from yesterday to today, so there'll be plenty of time to digest the diagnosis. Enjoy your celebration.



Thanks! :-) Think it's more not being in limbo anymore, instead of hanging around saying, I might have MS, I actually know I do and can move forward, and feel like doing something- gone a little hyper now, cant sit still!



I was diagnosed whilst on a relapse which i have heard is quite rare. I had optic neuritis and lost 85% of my sight eurghhh. is coming back to normal now which is good. So when i was diagnosed i was devastated. Prob more because of my sight i was scared it would never recover. now 5 1/2 months later...im affected daily now with fatigue and balance problems. Hopefully this recovers in time. But yea i guess there is a relief as we know there is somethin wrong and can work out strategies to live with it. x



I was also devastated and felt like my whole world was crashing around me. My husband did what he always does when something really bad happens: rented some good movies and bought some yummy food. We kind of just wallowed in our misery the whole weekend and then put together a plan to beat MS. I must say, a huge shopping spree would have done the trick. <a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/helbabe2000/' rel='nofollow'>@helbabe2000</a>, hope you got yourself something nice!



When my neuro told me, all I said was...'Well that kinda sucks!' was not expecting it at all as they kept telling me they were pretty sure it was Adem, but it wasnt! I was so upset and embarrassed for some reason! but got over all of that!! :) i think its great u want to mark the occasion and that its a relief for ya! have fun what ever u do! xx



<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/beccygreeneyes/' rel='nofollow'>@beccygreeneyes</a>.. same for me. I lost a lot of my vision and was seeing things that weren't there. My brain was trying to 'fill in the gaps' and over-compensate for not seeing what was truly there... so for me, at diagnosis, I cried. I knew something was obviously wrong. Vision effects everything... working, driving, dating, seeing the world... I was terrified. I'm doing heaps better. Vision isn't fully back to what it originally was, but I feel lucky/scared every day.