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Copaxone lumps

Hi Just wanting to ask for advice from anyone who has been on the DMT COPAXONE. I've noticed in the last couple of months that injecting into my left thigh has become a bit of a nightmare. I have found the location to become itchy for about 2 weeks and now I've got like a long lump under the skin where I've injected. Seems to happen when I inject anywhere on that thigh. Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of this? I have been massaging the area 24hours after injection so to smooth it out. But I have had no luck. I'm not in any pain, it's just something I've begun to notice and it's a bit annoying to me. Appreciate any responses! Thanks!

Hi luckily I didn’t have too many reactions when I was on Copaxone but I did use a small ice pack on the area after injecting. Also calamine lotion is good for cooling the area and reducing itch.


i suggest you talk with a nurse for the depth you do the shot. Also i will give you some of my tips cause i had the some problems. My skin does the same in my arms an thighs. Some tips that i follow for redness, itch and swelling is ice before the shot, aloe vera cream after, and for the swelling (witch is reduced with the fist two) i put on some natural arnika cream. Best wishes from Greece!!