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Cannabis and MS symptoms

Hi all, I'm curious about your opinions and experiences around this. The B/F has smoked weed for many years. More recently, he started using a vaporizer instead. When he was diagnosed with MS about 3 weeks ago, he asked the neurologist if the weed use had contributed to the development of the disease. The neurologist said no, that in fact, he has patients that use it to manage the symptoms, like pain and spasticity, and that it might actually reduce inflammation. My B/F was wondering aloud to me the other day that maybe the years of use had suppressed spasticity for him. Earlier in our relationship, years ago, before the weed use began/increased, he often had random muscle or limb 'twitches' and occasionally full-body spasms out of nowhere, especially when lying down, almost like he just got shocked with a live wire. It used to scare the crap out of me when we were cuddling quietly together. He didn't have any explanation for it. It was just a weird thing that happened sometimes, totally out of his control. He had mild Tourettes as a child, so he may have attributed these spasms to that and just put it out of his mind. But now... We're both wondering if these spasms were actually early signs of MS. The spasms decreased significantly once he started using weed, and have been relatively quiet for years, except for about a week ago when he briefly had a few spasms in his hands. Anyway, that's our experience. I'm curious if any of you have other experiences with using cannabis to control MS symptoms, if it helps, if it makes things worse, if you have an opinion on it one way or another. Thanks all!
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