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Newly Diagnosed

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren, I was diagnosed with RRMS 3 months ago. My first symptom was numbness in my feet; and within a few weeks I was paralyzed from the neck down. The nerve pain was so extreme I couldn’t be touched. My body wasn’t responding to prednisone or plasmaforesis—-so I’m currently going thru chemotherapy, specifically Cytoxan. I’ve regained about 70% mobility in my arms & legs, and now i’m just taking it one day at a time. I’m happy to be here with other people living with & affected by MS

Hey Lauren. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis and issues . It can be a tough gig when the diagnosis is so raw and you have been suffering. But welcome to this group . It’s a great place with plenty of help and support . Stay strong😊x


Hey Lauren welcome to the forum! So sorry to hear about your diagnosis reminds me of myself when I got diagnosed four years ago the pain was unbearable could not walk at all and many other complications but stay strong and you will pull through!