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Hiya everyone 🙂 I have a lumber MRI this Thurs and I have been having symptoms again since May 2020. My symptoms started in May 2019 numb feet, pins and needles, ataxia and weakness on left side. I have brain fog, cant concentrate and struggle finding the right words. I was seen in Nov 19 by a neurologist who was condescending and rude. She practically said she would do a head MRI but wouldnt find anything and the way I was feeling was all in my head! My results found a Pineal Cystic tumor (benign - apparently). No further MRIs required, not even a follow up to discuss the findings. I have continued to have symptoms, I have had periods of time with nothing, but then again in May 2020 my leg weakness and arm weakness returned, I have fatigue, my arms are aching and both hands are weak, I've dropped stuff and cant grip anything as before. I was so tired my body felt 'irritated' and unsettled last night, achy and restless. Part of me obviously doesn't want them to find anything on scan, but the part of me does as I really feel I need an explanation. This has been dragging g me down and Drs are doing their best but all my tests come back clear, so is it all just in my head?? Thanks for reading 🙂