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Brabio reactions

I have been injecting Brabio for about 3 months and each injection site is bruised and in agony for about a week after the injection. I rotate sites for each injection, but by the time the pain and bruise has gone away, I am back there again and it all starts again. Because of this I have about 4 places on me in pain at any one time. Any advise how to make the after effects less severe?

@dibs , Brabio is the generic version of Glatiramer Acetate (Copaxone). You should be considering that each of the seven injection sites can be divided up into several sub-areas. Injection depth is also important. The following might provide some advice for you :- https://www.copaxone.com/globalassets/copaxone/injection-sites.pdf And this might be a handy tool for you :- https://www.copaxone.com/injection-assistance/itracker-app


@stumbler, thank you - very helpful. I will also have a play with the depth dial on the auto injector to see which works best at each site. Some are less painful than others, so guess it is just going to be a bit of trial and error at first...