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Hello all, like yourselves I have been hit with a crippling disease that has cost me everything, my career, my home and my life really How have you managed financially to make ends meet, I am 46 this Friday and now unemployed, I can no longer do the work I was trained to do, I have many qualifications in several civil or maintenance jobs but now it’s a struggle to even walk 20m I was diagnosed with MS two years ago and my life has changed drastically and not for the better, where I live there isn’t much support for MS so I now feel alone Is there anything I can do or do I have to make ends meet with the Benefits I receive, surly this isn’t it, I feel like I’m old but I’m not, why can I no longer do the sports that I love or even do the job that I hated but now wish I was doin that, self isolation isn’t a problem wiv me as I’ve been doin that for two years now Would be interested to no how you manage and how you have overcome problems that you have faced Thank you Clay

Hi @clay , I can sincerely empathise with you. I lasted 4 more years than you, so was able to take an early retirement package, which helped on the financial front. But, after 14 years, I still miss it too. The feeling of uselessness and worthlessness is still with me, but I shedded the guilt a long time ago. I realised it wasn't my fault and that I was just an unfortunate victim. You probably need to manage the guilt too. Like I say, the feelings remain but they get easier to digest. You now have to look forward as the past is now all history. You haven't disclosed your domestic arrangements, but it's essential to maintain whatever you've got. Keep a smile on your face always, even if you're crying inside. Just keep a happy home. If you want to have a moan and rant, find your own personal space. This is a good place to vent your anger and frustration, as we understand why you're doing it. Consider something to do with your time. There is normally something you're able to do from home. It may not be paid work, but your psyche will feel the benefit. Get round to the nearest Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), if you can, to discuss the benefits which are available to you. A word of warning, any savings will work against you. You get no brownie points for a previous frugal existence but, it's now too late to hide them legally. Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a must as it's not means-tested. I had trouble dealing with the fact that I was an Alpha Male and I had been totally under-mined. This takes quite a bit of getting used to, but it is what it is. I couldn't quite work out your sex from your post and your profile, but you definitely sound like an Alpha of either sex! So, one day at a time. Deal with the present, with a cursory glance at the future. Leave the past behind. Concentrate on the good things in your life and just manage the bad things. 😉


What did you used to do? Have you considered transferring your skills to that of an online assessor for those training to do what you did?