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stomach bug and ms

hi all, the other night i had a scary experience i must have got a stomach bug of some kind as had all symptoms maybe food poisoning or something however my body reacted in a very unusual way and i was unable to move and i became a dead weight which as you can imagine isnt nice when needing the toilet, i spoke to my ms nurse about this and she said it happens your body can go into a type of shut down, ive never experienced anything like that before i am back to normal now maybe a bit weak and wobbly but thats not eating or moving for two days. anyway i wanted to know is this a normal thing that happens when you get sick and has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Any infection will kick off an auto-immune system response. Well, our auto-immune systems are already all over the place, so an infection can give rise to an MS pseudo-exacerbation. Once the infection is treated, or brought under control, your MS should revert back to the pre-infection status.


On the subject of something similar, I ended up in hospital over the Christmas because of something similar. My mum freaked out a bit as she thought I was having a stroke, I couldn't stand and my speech just fell to pieces. My infection cleared up and I reverted back to normal, I was discharged in time for new years. I wouldn't do it again though.