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MS Symptoms ???

Hi, I'm a newbie to here. I have not been diagnosed with MS but am under investigation for the symptoms I'm getting. I have been having eye problems for awhile now but recently it's been a lot worse. I have flashes of lights most of the time and pain across my eyes, more pain in my right eye,they are really sensitive to light and have i have trouble focusing sometimes.I went to a&e last weekend as the pain got so bad.I was referred to an ophthalmologist who says my eyes are healthy and suspect Optic neuritis. I get a weird sensation in my face, scalp and hands, a feeling like i have walked into spider webs.Very distressing at times. I get pins and needles in my right hand and severe pain in the back of my head, that seems to come on for no reason.My muscles feel like they are twitching and I feel constantly really tierd.I wake most mornings with a headache and pain in my eyes and go to bed with a burning feet sensation that is distressing. I loose my balance alot mainly in the mornings. I have always been forgetful but it seems to be getting silly how much I'm forgetting.Concentration is hard as my mind seems to go blank. I am waiting to see a neurologist and hope they can get to the bottom of it, I'm not working at the mo, as i feel unable to do it for the time being.I just wanted your views on my symptoms as sometimes i feel I'm going mad imagining it all! Thank you for your time. I will let you know the outcome.