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Hi everyone I’m Callum and I’m new to this site. My MS nurse advised me to join. I was diagnosed with MS last year and I thought I had processed the diagnosis well but it turns out I haven’t. I’ve developed a lot of fears about life and body functions and it’s effecting my daily life. My partner isn’t helping much so I feel quite alone. Sorry for the miserable introduction but it’s good to get it off my chest! Has anyone else felt the same before? Developed fears that if something slight is off in your body, you panic and make yourself worse?

Hi Callum, welcome to Shift! I was also diagnosed with RRMS last year. I've developed a number of things that I'm now fearful of that I wasn't before due to my MS. I've found though that often, it can be psychological and when I've went ahead with doing something and successfully completed it, it's felt like a huge achievement and gives me a little bit of confidence back each time, that I CAN do it. My advice for what it's worth, is try to do little things that you're maybe fearful of, that are safe and risk free, in a safe environment and try to achieve them. Then, once you've done that you might start to feel a little bit more confidence coming back and go from there. For example, one of my major relapses last year impacted the right side of my body, so I lost the ability to write, I couldn't even hold a pen or pencil. Now, after trying to do little bits at a time, I can write about a page worth - although it's much messier than it used to be! :D Hang in there and be kind to yourself, recognise when you're having a bad day and know that you're allowed to have them, we all do. Some days will be more productive than others and recognise that and give yourself a break - you've got this man :)


Hi Callum - I think that processing an MS diagnosis is an ongoing thing - I'm 5 years in and still have moments (lots of) where I feel overwhelmed with it all and with the changes in my body. In fact I don't remember feeling much at all for the first year or two so maybe it's normal to have delayed reactions. This forum is a pretty friendly and supportive place but do bear in mind that quite often people only post when things are going wrong, or when they are feeling scared, vulnerable, hopeless so it's easy to go down a bit of a rabbit hole . Your local MS Society may be able to give you access to counselling - go on the MS Society site and have a look - or you could call their helpline too. I think a degree of health anxiety hits us all after knowing that we're living with this unpredictable condition. Your local MS society group may also do regular meetups where you might be able to get together with other young people like yourself and have the chance to talk things through. Hang in there!