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Brain fog?

Iv heard of this brain fog and was convinced I experienced it in the beginning but looking back it was probably stress/anxiety. But just recently Im waking up in the morning and just laying there racking my brain to remember what day it is and if I have anything on that day. I just literally cant get my brain to think straight. Im spending all day anxious that im forgetting something because I just feel like i cant focus properly. Im forgetting names and using the wrong words for things that I know are wrong but I just cant think of the right word! (Had a mini melt down today because I was offering the kids some cucumber sticks and could not think what a cucumber was called! It doesnt sound very dramatic but it was really scary not being able to think! Hubby is trying to see the funny side but at 32 and with 2 young kiddos, its really stressing me out! If this is brain fog, is it a phase? Is it a flare up? Iv not really had any recurring symptoms apart from feeling really tired recently Will this pass? Any advice welcome ...