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Lhermitte's sign. No other symptoms

Hi, My name is arron, 24. I'll keep this short. I've started having a sensation, every time that I bend my neck almost. It's like a very prominent shock, like a vibration of electric shock, down my back And into my arms. It's hard to describe very accurately. But it's very noticeable. I first noticed a few months ago. At the time I had be doing quite physical martial arts, such as bjj. So I thought It could of been caused by that. But it's still here and it seems to have spread to my right leg a little. I've been to the doctors and they haven't really taken much notice of it. They seem quite perplexed by the symptom. I have looked into the phenomenon myself and the word lhermitte's sign and ms keep cropping up. Lhermitte's sign seems to fit the description pretty well. I am wondering if anyone thinks that this is ms related. I know other things can cause lhermitte's sign, but I don't think I fit the description. Any advice from anyone? Thanks