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Partial numbness in hands during & after sleep.

Over the past couple of weeks I have founs that I am waking up more and more often with numb and partially numb hands. My left baby finger and the finger next to it are the usually suspects, they are most often completely numb. It takes a couple of minutes when I start moving my arm after waking; for it to return to normal. I told my neurologist at my last visit approx 6 weeks ago about those particular two fingers. He said it was most likely due to sleeping on a nerve. At this stage I know it happens when lying still on my back/ not \'trapping\' my arm or anything. Also experiencing ever-so-slight twitching movements in my left hand; of it\'s own accord. I am also experiencing more and more awkwardness in the movement of my left hand. Not severe or anything but I feel I have less \'full control\' over it. Has anyone experienced similar (specifically with the partial temporary numbness). I don\'t wish to sound paranoid about this.