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I had my first AstraZeneca jab in feb

Hi all This might sound crazy but I was just wondering what reactions people have had when they had there jab because when I had mine it made me feel paralysed for like 4 days and couldn’t walk or stand because my legs seemed like they weren’t there but after 4 days I could just about stand and could walk a little it know I’m back to what I was like before so was just wondering if anyone else had this problem



@ant87 , Forum members have reported no issues through sore arms to be laid up for a few days. We're all different. But, it's no surprise when our compromised immune systems are asked to do something that our MS has some temporary "unrest".



"be"? being!!



I had the pfizer vaccine last friday and just felt really fatique and didn't sleep well for a few days because really bad tingling but I thought the side effects would be worse so pleased,I get the second vaccine end of this month hopefully won't have many side effects.



Hi @ant87, pretty much the same as your experience. Hopefully Rd 2 will be better, I'm sure it will.....



Hi @vixen I hope rd 2 is better but at least I know what to expect cause it was horrible for them 4 days having everyone running round after me



Zero symptoms from AZ



I had the zeneca vaccine a month ago. I felt flu like for a couple of days and could barely walk on the day after. Feel fine now, but my arm still aches. Everyone seems to be different from who i have spoke to. Hopefully it just corrects itself even if it is on a tortoise pace



I’m walking like I used to now not great and still have to use crutches or a stick depending how far I have to walk but it was just a weird feeling not being able to walk or stand



I had the AZ first dose a couple of weeks ago. My arm was fine, I couldn't feel a thing and it was never sore at all. Which was a relief since I've just started Copaxone and the injection sites hurt like hell! I did get cold shivers overnight, I'm talking 3 layers and 2 blankets and still my teeth were chattering but come morning I was right as rain.



I had a terrible night but am ok now



i had fever for 1 night



@ant87 I felt fine after having mine, until the following morning, woke up feeling groggier than usual and I could not move, lovely stuff. Spent a few hours in AnE.



I was in an awful way for a few days after my AZ jab. Headache, fever, chills, interrupted sleep, etc. I noticed that my left arm became numb again for a few days too (I hadn't felt that since my steroid treatment). All is well now, though. Dreading the second dose. I hope you're feeling much better now!