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MS hug of doom!

Hello everyone I am new to this forum! I was very recently diagnosed with MS. The doctor I was referred to (who is a neurologist but not an MS specialist) hasn't been very helpful so far. He seems to blow off a lot of what I say, and just told me I need to "push myself more" (which was contradictory to what the other doctors have said about needing to rest and let my body begin to heal itself...) anyways my question is concerning the MS hug. I was awoken with VERY PAINFUL spasms in the right side of my chest. They were so bad I had trouble breathing. It lasted about 30 mins and then there was more time in between spasms, then they slowly got less painful, then eventually subsided. I thought it was maybe just a pulled muscle or something. But the following day the same thing happened but even worse. I called my doctor to tell him about it (he told me to call with any new symptoms) and he said it wasn't due to MS. my friend's mother who also has MS said it sounded like it could be the symptom known as the MS hug- as some people experience a lot of pain. Can anyone shed some light on this? I am pretty nervous and scared and don't know what to do. Thanks so much!

Hello, I have literally just joined this site minutes ago. Having read your post, although I do not know much about the MS Hug.........I can verify reading lots of things about it on other sites. Chest pains can be a symptom of MS, regardless of what many professionals may say xx


Thank you so much tinydaffodil. That's what I thought too- I mean I am not at all a self-diagnoser or anything but I feel like it sounds like it could be...I'm praying it won't happen a third night in a row because it hurt so much and I'm dreading it.